Why did the Taiwanese man eat cow dung?

As what I posted last week, “Taiwan lifts ban on U.S. beef import”, Taiwanese feel disappointed about the government. Then several days ago, a Taiwanese man, zhenlin zhu, has shooting a video on eating cow dung hamburger to protest the import of American beef.

In this video, the man said, “Eating American beef is more poisonous than eating cow dung!” He made a hamburger with cow dung, and then said:” I’m sure that this Taiwanese cow dung hamburger is absolutely safer than American beef, although it looks dirty.” After that, he swallowed the hamburger with a sad expression, and at last, what he wrote on the video is that:” I will use the painful of my body to warn the apathetic government!”

In this video, he said that, the government lift ban on the import of U.S. beef, which regardless of people’s health. You have no choice! Once the beef is imported, they will be everywhere!

Why are Taiwanese so afraid of it? From the comments I noticed that there are several reasons.

On one hand, the infectious agent in mad cow disease is a specific type of protein called a prion, but someone has one kind of gene, which will be immured to this protein. In Europe and America, 45% ~50% of people have this gene, while in Asia; only 4% of them have it.

On the other hand, Americans don’t eat the internal organs, where the prion proteins will aggregate, but Taiwanese people love to eat. And someone also concerned that the bones (After being grated) which will be used as part of feed of livestock, will cause contamination of food chain.

4 thoughts on “Why did the Taiwanese man eat cow dung?”

  1. The Taiwanese are afraid of American food and Americans are afraid of Chinese food! I wonder why people in America are so worried about imported food from China? I think it is fear of the unknown and not based on any real facts.

    It is probably the same in Taiwan- because I don’t think mad cow disease is that prevalent. They should be more worried about e.coli. We’ve been hearing a lot about e.coli in American ground beef.

    1. Because the safety control of food in China is very weak, which caused many food incidents(e.g. melamine milk scandal). But the export food is usually in better quality than that sold locally?
      Is that sounds crazy? But it is true! So we usualy heard someone complaint that: “oh, they export the good products to the U.S., left the bad one at home!”

  2. Actually, mad cos disease is a real problem, just hidden. I have watched a few documentaries on the History Channel documenting it. There are a number of advocates in America saying that if you want to eat beef, go organic. The organically raised cows that eat grass/hay. So if americans eat organic beef, the other commercially raised beef has to go somewhere…such as other countries… sigh~

    1. Yes, and the eating habits are also the thing I’m concerned about. People in China and some other place like to eat internal organs, no envidence show that they are 100 percent safe while the beef be imported.

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